Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 18. Disrespecting parents.

I see this way too much now-a-days: Kids disrespecting their parents. It's sad to me. I feel blessed to have both of my parents and although I get grumpy sometimes, I never disrespect them. Besides, I'd get slapped. Haha. My parents are very down to earth and I can communicate with them about anything. Especially lately. They are very understanding and very supportive. I would be an idiot to disrespect them. I hate having to see someone disrespecting their parents, especially in public places. It breaks my heart. From my understanding, most parents help their kids as much as they can and want the best for them. So when I see a young adult, or a kid that KNOWS right from wrong, I get so upset! Your parents/guardians want the best for you, LISTEN to them and treat them with respect!

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