Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 11. A hero that has let you down.

I have a lot of heroes. They all have weaknesses and strengths. You would think that I would focus on the strengths of my hero rather than their weaknesses. I focus on the weaknesses. It is the weaknesses that they overcome that make them so inspirational. Their struggle is what motivates and inspires me. Everyone struggles in life and those who can deal with them head on are truly enlightening. I mean... weaknesses are what really make you strong right?

Now that I have explained what a hero is to me, I can tell you that one of my heroes HAS let me down. As an outsider, I don't see this person having too many drastic events happening in their life right now. I want to emphasize that I am talking AS AN OUTSIDER looking in. I don't know what they go through emotionally or what underlying problems are going on. However, I saw that they really let their weaknesses get the best of them. They didn't let their weaknesses fuel their strengths. Instead, they gave up. That is the ultimate let down: to give up. I hope one day they will realize that giving up didn't help them in the long run.

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