Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 3. What kind of person attracts you?

This is interesting for me to write about because there isn't ONE kind of person that attracts me. I am attracted and open to various qualities and various types of people. The qualities can be completely opposite sometimes! It's a little on the ridiculous side but it's just what I'm attracted to!

First and foremost, the person has to be tolerable! There are some people in this world that do NOT attract me because being around them annoys the hell out of me! It's so true. I can be a very quiet person sometimes and usually when I AM quiet, I am either observing other people or I am just so annoyed that I can't contribute to any conversation they are having. Intolerable people include: people who are too into themselves, people who lie about their lives to make them seem like a better person (the worst!), people who don't know what they want (indecisive people) and people who TRY to be different from society to make a point (if you are TRYING to be different and it isn't natural, you aren't doing any justice, so please stop.).  

People who have their OWN opinions are very attractive to me. They have to be genuinely giving and very caring. Above all, good people with big hearts! :)

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