Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 6. The person you like and why you like them.

I like a lot of people in this world but I like this person a bunch more.
This person can relate to me on so many levels that it’s a little scary. They have a lot of the same experiences as me and it just brings me closer and closer to them. They have the most amazing qualities: super caring, funny(sometimes :P), handsome, smart, competitive, driven, fearless, opinionated and happy.
He religiously believes in the word “happiness”. And how without this feeling, there’s no reason to wake up in the morning. Being solely content in life is out of the question. I like that he challenges that in me and how he wants me to feel happiness at all times. I like that he will do anything to achieve that. After having conversations with him, I feel refreshed and my day is THAT much better.
I like that he can argue with me in an intellectual manner, while being completely wrong the whole time but still feel that he’s right. I like that he can be himself with me and not feel like he needs to put on a show like many other people I know. I like the person he is and the person I am when I am with him.
You know how some people can only bring out the bad in you? He brings out the bad but he also brings out the best in me. He alleviates all stresses in me without knowing it.
Andrew Reis. I can go on and on. :) 
I hope you and happiness will always be with me. Thank you.