Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 9. Something you wish you HAD done.

While there are many things I wish I had done, there is one thing I regret most: Being in a serious relationship at an incredibly young age (14-19!!!). This relationship that I am referring to is what caused many of the displeasures in my life. :/ Here are just SOME examples as to why...

As a freshman in high school, I already had an idea that I wanted to be in the dental field and that I wanted to pursue that at UCLA, UOP(University of the Pacific in SF) or USC. I wanted to be a dentist initially but as time went on, I decided that becoming a Dental Hygienist would make me just as happy. When all of my friends were filling out applications to UC Berkeley and all these other great schools, I was busy listening to my boyfriend, "Those are just big name schools, they don't determine your intelligence or what you can do", which was true. But the fact that I was being threatened that if I moved here or there that the relationship would be over, is when I should have realized that he wasn't the guy for me. So here I am, not at UCLA or any of the aforementioned schools because of my childish thinking and because I was "in love".  -__- 

There was also the issue of my friends. My ex did not like my friends and he was very open about that and kept me very far from them. Another lesson learned.

In 2007, I went to Sao Jorge and decided to take my boyfriend with me because I thought it would be fun. I was very wrong. Not only did he want to stay home and read all day, he wanted ME to stay home too!! I couldn't go and explore the island. I couldn't even go to the salt water pools with my younger cousins without him threatening to do something stupid. It was such a horrible trip. He also cut a piece of my hair because I was joking around with hair moose and put it on him... -___- Boy, I do not miss that! Good riddens.

The list can go on and on, and there are much WORST things but these are just some light ones I thought would be easier to talk about. All in all, I wish I hadn't dated so young and obviously, I wish I hadn't dated THAT guy.

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